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Dog-friendly large house rentals

Rent a large house for a group event and allow people to bring their dogs. Lots of people plus dogs gives party events a homely feel.


Large cottages with pools

It is fabulous for groups to be able to enjoy swimming in their own private pool attached to large group self-catering accommodation.


Large country estates


Your privacy is assured with a stay on a country estate. Rent a large handsome houses surrounded by its own acres of gardens, make as much noise as you wish - there are no neighbours to upset.


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Large Houses to rent for wedding receptions

With weddings if you opt for self catered accommodation for large groups you could rent a large country house or mansion which very often boast large gardens. In the summer months these properties can be ideal if they allow for marquees to be erected in the gardens or grounds. Such large group accommodation can also be fantastic for a comfortable place to stay for a large number of your party and for the facilities available in the main property: many large country houses or mansions have large kitchens which are geared up for catering where you can either do your own catering or bring in outside caterers for your event.

Many large country houses or mansions to rent have large dining or function rooms where you wish to hold some or all of your special event indoors.


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Offers in house rentals

Large last Minute Cottages

See the latest cancellations for best deals in large cottages and self cateringmanions and houses.

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Country House Midweek Breaks

Rent a large house mid week for best value. Some of these big properties are perfect for wedding receptions.

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Special offer big cottages

Check out offers and cancellations on accommodation for groups .

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